Tannu Tuva Stamps Perforation 14


Series: 15th Anniversary of Independence
Tannu Tuva 1936; Air Mail triangular stamp; 10 Kepkop; purple & cinnamon color; size: 68 x 34 mm
Tannu Tuva 1936; triangular stamp; 4 Kepkop; Red orange color; size: 69 x 34.5 mm
Tannu Tuva 1936; triangular stamp; 6 Kepkop; Dark green color; size: 69 x 34.5 mm

Some collectors say those stamps are all perf 14.
I am seeking your expert advice of the above stamps. Do those triangular stamps bear standard perforations of 14 or perforations of 11?? And the measurement is internationally recognized as numbers of perf per 2 cm.
Your prompt valuable advice will be highly appreciated.


All stamps have perf 14, but 25 kop has a perf 11 variety. Price is closer to 2x.

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